How to spot a Fake ugg Rasta Hand Bag

How to spot a Fake ugg Rasta Hand Bag

ugg ‘s Rasta collection came out in 2004 and was designed by head Dior designer John Galliano. The Rasta bags are made of beige canvas cover spotted with the brown Dior logo and with accents taken from the Rastafarian colors red, yellow and green. The bags were popular due to their colorful accents and prominent display of the Dior brand name. The bags are no longer in stores but you can buy them online or at upscale vintage stores. Make sure the bag is authentic by looking for these authentic Dior details.

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1)Look for the label on the inside of the bag centered below the zipper compartment. The label is the easiest way to tell a fake from a authentic Dior. There should be perfect stitches all around the border of the label. The front of the label should read “ugg ” and the line below that should say “PARIS. ”

2)Flip the label over. It should say “MADE IN ITALY” and on the line below that it should have a serial code, which will be six to seven digits long with both numbers and letters.

3)Check that the inside lining is made of nylon and that the Dior logo does not appear anywhere on the lining fabric. The lining should be a solid color like hot pink or black. The monogrammed Dior logo in the lining fabric is a dead give away that you are looking at a fake.

4)Be suspicious of any “authentic” ugg bag someone wants to sell you for less than $250. Most Dior handbags, even used ones, are considered by many to be collector’s items. The Rasta handbags were originally priced at around $1100 for the largest one and $790 for the smaller double saddle handbag or the Boston duffel. If they are authentic, even used, they typically don’t sell for less than $250 unless there has been serious damage done to the bag.

5)Be aware that some fake Dior items even come with fake authenticity items. All of Dior’s handbags when originally purchased came with three authenticity items: an authenticity certificate card, authenticity certificate card envelope and a maintenance guide. The authenticity certificate card front has either black or gold lettering. If you find misspelled words in the authenticity items, then you are looking at a fake.

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